Some small businesses like to talk a big game when it comes to their focus on quality, but are they truly committed to a Nextgile business process agility, quality-driven approach? Probably not.

To be fair, many organisations do value quality, or so they think, but just not in the most logical, strategic fashion. They put processes and systems in place to check for quality, but little do they know that a need for quality checking would be redundant if they were committed to quality as the cornerstone of all they do.

Time to review your commitment to quality

If quality in your business doesn’t start in the boardroom, it will cost you money and customers.

What if you could eliminate the need for quality checks altogether? What if you could create a system that can only produce defect-free goods and services? It is possible! Imagine the money your business would save if you didn’t need to ‘inspect’ along the way?

A genuine focus on quality and its ability to lower your costs and increase productivity is paramount to success. This belief needs to be integral to your business – to your mission, your vision, your values, your training, your system, and your people.

The Nextgile BPA quality-driven approach

A Nextgile BPA quality-driven approach ensures that quality weaves through every part of a business plan. It demands a ‘top down’ approach, which means quitting a traditional reliance on quality checking throughout the production process and ensuring that a quality focus is built into every process and system. The result? Defect-free products and services.

And that’s why Nextpond was created. Nextpond software was built with this top down approach in mind – it allows you to define how you want your business to work and gives your teams the tools to do it. Without a foolproof system in place, you’re placing unnecessary pressure on your people to take on the role of quality controllers, and that’s risky business.

Inspection is not the key to quality

Quality checking costs money. The truth of the matter is that inspection is not the key to quality. If your team cannot produce defect-free goods or services in the first instance, inspection is too late. You’re wasting time and resources ‘inspecting’. Having to fix problems throughout the process means one thing – your system is fundamentally flawed.

Many businesses believe that if they employ quality control experts, their focus is on quality. Wrong again. If your business needs these experts, it means that your business plan is lacking and your system needs reviewing.

A genuine commitment to quality from the get-go can only mean defect-free products and services, eliminating the need for costly, time-consuming inspections along the way.

Nextpond software was created with a commitment to quality at its core. It empowers staff members with the tools and the confidence to produce the highest quality products, without pressure looming over their heads and the need for regular inspections throughout the process.

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