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Adrian Fadini
Adrian Fadini Sydney, Australia

Leanne Howard
Leanne Howard Sydney, Australia

Nadia Fadini
Nadia Fadini Sydney, Australia

James Pennefather
James Pennefather Sydney, Australia

Paul Brotherson
Paul Brotherson Sydney, Australia

Leonie McCallum
Leonie McCallum Wagga Wagga, Australia

Jason Lim
Jason Lim CBD, Singapore

Sam Sokol
Sam Sokol Denver, United States

Kenny Chen
Kenny Chen Melbourne, Australia

Michael Carniato
Michael Carniato Melbourne, Australia

Helen Underhill
Helen Underhill Melbourne, Australia

Peter Reginald
Peter Reginald Melbourne, Australia

Sarita Johan
Sarita Johan Melbourne, Australia

Amir Shahverdi
Amir Shahverdi Melbourne, Australia

Stephen Dyt
Stephen Dyt Melbourne, Australia

James Noel
James Noel Gold Coast, Australia

John Gemmell
John Gemmell Gold Coast, Australia

Travis Reading
Travis Reading Brisbane, Australia

Ben Kirk
Ben Kirk Adelaide, Australia

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Helpful Videos & Links

There are some great resources here to support you with your Nextpond journey.

You will also notice references here to something known as “Nextgile”.
Nextgile is simply the business methodology Nextpond modelled its technology on to help you.
You can learn more about the Nextgile method in the training and educational sections here.


General Questions & Answers

Send an email if you couldn't find an answer to your question here.

What is Nextpond for?

Nextpond allows you to create your business system (systemize your business). It supports you to build your processes in that system. It also allows you to measure the performance of those processes and take action to change and improve. Nextpond has been designed to allow any size business, to easily improve and do what only big business was once capable of.  

I already have workflow and CRM software. Why do I need Nextpond?

A business is made up of many different individual processes. The vast majority of these processes are human activities and will always remain as such.

Operational technologies such as workflow and CRM software are great tools to support human activities. So in a sales role for example, a CRM supports a sales person to be more efficient but doesnt improve sales directly. However, the way the sales person conducts themselves and performs their role is the vital factor to improve sales.

Operational softwares only support digital tasks. Nextpond supports your team with optimizing “human” processes for best “human” performance.

We have great training and HR. Why do we need processes?

Training is always valuable. However, what is communicated from the teacher, into your mind and into your notes, then reinterpreted back to your team, and enacted in the field, will be vastly different from the original intention. 

HR is a vital function of a business, however, it is an absolute undeniable fact that 94% of all breakdowns in business are process based, while only 6% relate to people. Where should the focus really be placed?

Process is the most direct route to optimizing your performance and creating consistency and predictability in your business. It also provides a stable datum point for change and improvement to be identified and “stick”. 

Why do I need to add all my team, rather than just sharing logins?

Issuing a login to an individual team member gives so many powerful advantages.

You can control their individual role assignments. Manage their permission settings and customize their responsibilities and processes. 

Most importantly, you can track their user history and interactions with Nextpond. This is critical for performance management, security and minimizing your risk in relation to workplace incidents.  

Sharing logins robs you of these big advantages and saves you very little indeed. Nextpond is designed to deliver highest value for lowest cost.

What if I change my processes?

Changing your processes is great. In fact Nextpond is built to support ever changing and improving process.

If you decide to change a process, you simply edit the process in the Nextpond Process Create/Edit tool, click update and any team member who must perform that process will automatically be notified of the change and directed to view and understand it.

Whats more, you can track the teams interaction and use of the new process.

In future, Nextpond will also be adding functionality to enable team members to build and propose new processes to support your business improvement.

What if I stop using Nextpond?

We will be sad to see you go, but that totally fine. There are no contracts and you are in control of opting out at any time.

Your data will be securely deleted when your account is closed, so be sure to download any items you wish to keep. 

Nextpond also offers a data transfer service to provide all your data back to you. This service is by request.

Rather than creating all my own processes, can I purchase them?

Right now, Nextpond enables you to build specific processes relevant form your own business.

However, we also understand some processes are generic between businesses, or, you would like to source some process content from industry leaders and experts.

Nextpond is working to bring you a content market place, specifically to purchase or subscribe to world class process content.

Stay tuned for this exciting new space and in the mean time, experience the immense value for your business Nextpond already provides.


Can I get someone to help me do this?

The short answer is yes.

Specialist who assist businesses to setup their Nextpond platform and create their processes, are called Nextgile Professionals.

They not only understand the Nextpond software very well, but they have also trained in a deep understanding of the method which underpins this way of thinking.

The method is called Nextgile and you can register a request for a Nextgile Professional to help you here: