In a match made in software heaven, Nextpond now offers integrated access to Lucidchart to provide the complete picture of the workflow and processes that drive business success.

The addition takes Nextpond to a new level as a seminal one-stop application for establishing the “how to” and now the “to do” of business operations.

Here’s a quick insight into the Lucidchart integration and the benefits it offers business…


A little background

Over the past seven years, Nextpond has firmly established itself as a leading process software solution, allowing business to expand, grow and thrive by developing and honing the “how to” recipes that drives business success.

Its software enables business to gauge customer feedback while establishing clear processes that foster first-rate customer experience and procedural clarity.

Ultimately, it facilitates business growth and a premium customer experience ensuring every team member of a business knows the optimal way to get things done, and how it should occur.

Now Nextpond offers an integration with Lucidchart to see the “to do” of workflow charting, tying in with the “how to” of Nextpond processes in one user-friendly space.

A win-win integration

Nextpond director Travis Reading explained the integration was a win-win for all involved, offering business operators a single space to document their flow and the recipe for achieving them.

“Nextpond’s strength is in the clarity it provides business operators and their team, capturing critical processes that enable them to better serve their consumer and their business growth,” Travis explained.

“Lucidchart’s power lies in its ability to intuitively chart the workflow, linking processes together, noting what needs to occur for a business to be optimal.”

Together, they offer business operators and their team, a complete picture of not only what needs to be done, but how to complete the actions that make it happen.

“This integration offers exceptional value for any business enterprise, and is definitely an example of ‘together we are better’.”

A simple Integration

Integrating a Nextpond account with Lucidchart is simple, taking only seconds to set up.

Nextpond users will now see the Lucidchart icon clearly in the top right corner, and simply click it to finalise the link. Users can establish a new Lucidchart account or link to an existing one and design their workflows. Then by clicking a step in a workflow, the team member is directed to the process in Nextpond to receive the step by step guidance on how to complete the task.

“This welcome integration sees two industry leaders come together to offer a simple, elegant and highly effective way of supporting teams and the human elements of a business. After all, with all the growth and hype around technology, businesses are still run by humans, for humans. It’s time we create technology to recognise this, rather than attempting to digitise and dehumanise,“ Travis concluded.

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