Most businesses have a fair idea of what they’re looking to achieve courtesy of business plans, goals, milestones, sales targets and reports. But getting there is all about the ‘how’.

Driving the ‘how’ of day-to-day business operations is two not so tiny words: process and procedure, and these “P” words are imperative to an organisation’s success.

Put simply, process and procedure provide the nuts and bolts of exactly how a business operates.

With that in mind, here are five benefits of setting out clear process and procedure, and how Nextpond can assist in streamlining the art.

Process and procedure

At the most basic level, establishing process and procedure is all about setting out what happens, when, in a business. It’s the seminal, go-to guide for the actions that occur under a specific set of circumstances, and, critically, it outlines whos responsible for taking them.

Essentially, process and procedure offer the manual for how your business operates and can drill down into the finest detail of what you, as an operator, expect to occur.

In short process and procedure is about:

  • Writing everything down
  • Leaving nothing to chance
  • Allowing action to achieve consistent results

The result is a whole host of benefits that extend from the customer experience to the wellbeing of staff. So, let’s delve deeper into what process and procedure provide…

The customer experience

Business builds its reputation on customer experience and process and procedure is just part of how this occurs. Every time a consumer “touches” your business they should expect a premium result – extending from how you answer the phone to the services you provide.

As a “how to” manual for the way your business operates, process and procedure ensures consumers enjoy the same superior experience, no matter who answers the phone, which staff member provides the service, and whether the business owner is in attendance or away.


Process and procedure are all about clarity. It’s the fine print in business of exactly what happens, when.

While a major beneficiary is ultimately your customers, the real result is that staff understand exactly what to do. Carefully crafted process and procedures will factor in all elements of the business system, indicating when an action should occur, and who’s responsible for the act.

A customer walks through the door…what happens next? A problem occurs…what do staff do then? Something essential in the business chain fails…how does it get fixed?

Process and procedure answer all of these questions, setting out a mud map of events that should happen as a result. Importantly, it also speaks to the chain of command, indicating who staff should turn to, and what they should do within the operations of business.


Chances are business owners understand exactly what works and what doesn’t within their business. Then, it comes down to consistency, and ensuring the right action achieves the right result.

Process and procedure enables this consistency, setting out the fundamental principles of what an operator expects to occur. The same action will, more often than not, elicit the same result, ensuring business runs smoothly no matter who’s at the helm.

Measurement and growth

With the same action in place every time a consumer reaches out, a business can measure exactly how effective their system is. This measurement enables a business to drill down into what’s working and what is not, allowing them to change elements should the need arise.

Meanwhile, it also furnishes business with the essential tools to allow smooth and seamless growth, replicating the systems that work and applying them on a larger scale.

Peace of mind

Although last on the list, the benefit of employing process and procedure for peace of mind should be a clincher for any business operator looking to take time away from the helm. By clearly establishing process and procedure you enable your enterprise to operate no matter the staff, no matter the circumstance, no matter the time or day.

Process and procedure ensures the core functions of the business are adhered to regardless of whether the business owner is in attendance, on holiday or taking the time to focus on the big picture ahead.

About Nextpond

Nextpond software is all about the “how” of business operations, allowing business owners and managers to establish step-by-step process and procedure to successfully transform and grow business. You can learn more about our software here, or contact us for further advice.