A business coach can help a business owner propel their company forward in growth while helping overcome stumbling blocks that would have otherwise prevented the business from expanding.But how does a business coach build their own business and client prospects so they can make more money?

Here are ten ways to make money as a business coach. And the best part about these tips, once initiated, income generation will become automated.

Consistently write a blog

This tip may sound a little deceptive. How can a blog bring extra income to a business coach? When maintained well, it’s easy, particularly if the topics are what potential clients are looking for. Consistently updating your blog not only draws new clients to your website, but it also helps current clients get a little more information – for free.

A business coach should invest in learning the techniques of copywriting to ensure a new reader converts to a lead for your business.  If you get a lot of visits to your blog, consider advertising affiliate brands or services that align with your business coaching like Nextpond and Nextgile. If you’re going to recommend something, why not get commission doing so?

Offer one-on-one coaching sessions to clients

You may already have this going on because it’s the key way most business coaches make their money. But it’s important to mention one-on-one clients should be charged accordingly when it comes to your time and expertise. One-on-one client sessions are usually booked if a business owner resonates with what you share online through your blog. That’s why it’s necessary to maintain an online presence.

One-on-one sessions should be seen as high paying clients as they require your undivided attention and time to their needs. You wouldn’t charge the same amount of money for the next tip.

Hold group coaching sessions

A group coaching session gives business owners the ability to be coached with others, when they may not be able to afford a one-on-one session. The group coaching sessions can take place online through Skype, social media or in person at a specific meeting place. The topic will need to be generalised to ensure all the business owners attending can apply what they learn to their own business situation. Group coaching sessions can also lead to one-on-one sessions, so don’t ever write off holding group coaching sessions.

Deliver something unique

There are so many business coaches delivering similar material on how to grow a business, so why not deliver something different and set yourself apart? You can do this by completing Nextgile Professional Training. Once you have the certification, the doors open for you to be able to deliver specific programs based on the Nextgile way of thinking and get commission along the way.

Conduct training with business teams

Continuing from Nextgile Professional Training, once you’re certified, you can train business teams in the Nextgile methodology via an implementation program. Sign up leaders to the Nextgile Leadership Program and sign up the business to Nextpond software and be rewarded via commission.  Ask us how!

Public Speaking

Business coaches make the best public speakers because they know how to engage with people so they can perform at their best. Put your name forward as a public speaker in an industry you know well or have experience in. If public speaking scares you to death, why not try something like a webinar.

Write a book

Books allow business owners to learn at their own pace, and it gives them a resource to refer back to. Writing a book not only elevates your platform, but it also offers a product you can sell on your blog and at public speaking engagements. If publishing a book is a little bit beyond what you’d like to do at this point, why not try an e-book? E-books are generally shorter and more succinct, promote it on your website and social media and it could earn you a nice little passive income on the side with very little effort.

Hold a retreat for planning and mentoring

Many business owners love the thought of retreating to improve their business plan, clarifying their business strategy or simply brainstorming ways to focus on their vision. As a business coach, you can organise a retreat for these business owners and earn a fair fee for your time away, while mentoring business owners as they try to consolidate and clarify their direction.

Train Other Business Coaches

If you have a lot of experience in coaching businesses or have had some great exposure due to results from businesses who have been coached by you, why not train other business coaches so they can learn from your success.

Making money as a business coach is all about thinking outside the square. Once you plan and implement some of these ideas, many of them run by themselves and will see you making money with little effort.