Simple and Powerful Process Software
for Truly Inspirational Business.

Simple and Powerful Process Software
for Truly Inspirational Business.

Bring your processes to life, empower your team and delight clients.
Receive real time customer feedback and get clarity to improve for growth.

Nextpond is a light weight and fresh approach for business process. Take a look around to decide for yourself.

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How does Nextpond work?

Nextpond is as easy as 1, 2, 3

See these three easy steps below to understand how Nextpond provides a powerful, yet simple way for your business to be the success you know it really can be.



Choose Key Touch Points

Your clients experience your business through a series of interactions called touch points. To be amazing in business, you have to provide an amazing experience, which of course means your touch points need to be amazing too.
Adding your touch points to Nextpond easily allows you to receive ratings to understand where you can be more amazing at what you do.


Build Your Framework

Next, building your frame work is quick and easy with Nextpond. You enter your department and roles. This information is quick and easy to identify.
And remember, you don’t have start with your entire business… simply focus on areas which relate to the touch points you added in step one.



Add Key Processes

Just like a recipe for baking a cake, a process is really just a small recipe on how to do a task.
Creating a process in Nextpond is easy and fast. Just add the steps and load your content… simple!
Nextpond then links your touch points to your processes, so you are instantly shown where improvements need to be made.

Go time

Ready to Launch

Simply add your team and assign their roles. Everything they need to see will automatically appear.

Nextpond tracks team progress to give you clarity and the team view your overall client quality rating, to work together to lift your score.

You are now on your way to having a systemized business, driven by process and constantly improving with ease. Nextpond enables you to listen to your client feedback and act precisely to improve, over and over. How far do you want to grow?

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